Ravi Kumar Gupta

Hey everyone! I'm Ravi, the co-founder and Chief Business Officer (CBO) at AlmaBetter. As a strategic thinker and business development enthusiast, I play a pivotal role in driving AlmaBetter's growth.

Before diving into the world of entrepreneurship, I immersed myself in the consulting and analytics domains, refining my problem-solving and data-driven decision-making skills. These experiences granted me a unique perspective on understanding market dynamics and uncovering growth opportunities.

My academic journey from renowned institutions such as IIT Delhi and IIM Lucknow provided deep insights into technical problem-solving, critical thinking, effective business management and leveraging financial strategies for organizational success.

Beyond the business realm, my diverse range of interests reflects my inquisitive and multifaceted nature. I find immense joy in exploring and discussing topics such as sports, religion, and philosophy, which have broadened my intellectual horizons and granted me a unique perspective on life's complexities. I'm always eager to learn and share experiences! Feel free to reach out at ravi@almabetter.com



2017 – 2019


IIM Lucknow

Professional expert

2016 – Present


2012 – 2016


IIT Delhi


Co-founder and CBO


2020 – Present

Associate Consultant

Feedback INFRA

2019 – 2020



2016 – 2017