AlmaBetter Innovarsity

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Alok Anand

I am a co-founder and COO at AlmaBetter, an innovative and forward-thinking educational institution dedicated to preparing learners for high-growth careers. I am an IIT Kharagpur alumnus with over 6 years of experience as a Data Scientist and Senior Machine Learning Engineer at renowned organizations like American Express and Blackbuck. I oversee strategic planning and operations at AlmaBetter, with a strong emphasis on driving student success. My passion for outcome-oriented education drives me to actively engage in industry events and mentorship programs, continuously striving to enhance our institution's impact.

Academic board members

Ashutosh Modi

I am an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department at IIT Kanpur.

I am actively involved in cutting-edge research on technologies including Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning.

I am currently working on NLP/NLU, Legal-NLP, Multimodal Machine Learning, Sign Language Processing, Language and RL, Conversational Agents, etc.

John Jose

I am an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department at IIT Guwahati. I work in the domain of multicore computer architecture. My research group in Multicore ARchitecture and Systems (MARS) Lab explore various cutting edge research problems.

Some of my research areas include:

  • Network on Chip (NoC) and Cache Optimisation in Tiled Chip Multi-Processors (TCMP)
  • Wireless On Chip Interconnects and Edge/Fog Computing
  • Machine Learning based Domain Specific Accelerators for NoCs
  • Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) Technology
  • Secure System on Chip Design Techniques
  • Disaggregated Memory Management in Data Center Architectures

Faculty, Instructors and Professional Experts

Chaitali Bhatia

A marketing professional with expertise in streamlining and scaling marketing teams, planning and implementing innovative marketing strategies based on the budget and needs of the organisation.

I have a knack for understanding consumer psyche to deliver impactful messaging via relatable and value-based stories with strong emotional connect that help create a strong brand identity.

I have 13+ years of experience across startups, mid and large sized organisations across Fintech, Travel, Fashion and Consulting industries:

My marketing expertise lies in the following areas:

- Overall Brand Strategy and positioning - Online via PR, Social media, as well as Offline branding via events, OTT

- Consistent and Compelling Content Strategy via Storytelling and content for Website, SEO

- New product launch: Integrated Go-to-Market Strategy and Execution, Product Marketing, User Experience

- Monetisation: Adoption and Retention Campaigns

- Cost Optimisation and Agency Management

Bhaskar Choudhary

I am a technology professional with 8 years of experience in startups. My interest areas are system design, project management & team building. At Almabetter, I am working as an engineering manager, responsible for growth tech stack.

I also help in engineering the curriculum of the Computer Science programs here at AlmaBetter.

Chirag Beniwal

I am a data science and machine learning enthusiast, getting amazed by the ever-expanding scope of this field in a vast number of other fields directly and indirectly. A graduate from IIT Guwahati, I'm learning various aspects of data-driven decisions starting all the way from data generation, to streaming and collecting data to processing and cleaning data before modelling and analyzing it to not only give accurate results but also results that can create an impact on business. I take interest in technology, gadgets, Indian politics and the financial world. I like to keep myself involved in various sports and recreational activities like photography, swimming, and football.

Raghu Anand

I am a MultiLingual and Multi Domain IT Professional with over 12+ years of experience. Throughout my career, I have spent 9+ years specializing in Learning and Development, honing my skills in designing and delivering effective training programs. Additionally, I have 3 years of hands-on experience in Engineering, where I have tackled various technical challenges and contributed to successful projects. My expertise spans multiple domains, allowing me to navigate diverse IT landscapes and adapt to different technologies and environments. I am passionate about continuous learning and leveraging my skills to drive innovation and growth in the IT industry.

Soumya Ranjan Mishra

I am a dynamic professional with a deep interest in exploring the synergies between data science, engineering, and emerging technologies. As the Head of Learning R&D - Data Science at AlmaBetter, I am spearheading innovative solutions that revolutionize education. As a Data Scientist at AlmaBetter, I have leveraged my analytical prowess to optimize learning experiences. As a versatile data scientist and product manager, I have gained hands-on experience in leveraging cutting-edge technologies and frameworks, including Python, SQL, Tableau, Scikit-learn, TensorFlow, and more. My expertise spans across various domains, from developing machine learning models for predictive analytics to designing intuitive user-centric products. My future aspirations lie in exploring AR, VR, Robotics, and AI, shaping the future of education and technology.

Ravi Kumar Gupta

Hey everyone! I'm Ravi, the co-founder and Chief Business Officer (CBO) at AlmaBetter. As a strategic thinker and business development enthusiast, I play a pivotal role in driving AlmaBetter's growth.

Before diving into the world of entrepreneurship, I immersed myself in the consulting and analytics domains, refining my problem-solving and data-driven decision-making skills. These experiences granted me a unique perspective on understanding market dynamics and uncovering growth opportunities.

My academic journey from renowned institutions such as IIT Delhi and IIM Lucknow provided deep insights into technical problem-solving, critical thinking, effective business management and leveraging financial strategies for organizational success.

Beyond the business realm, my diverse range of interests reflects my inquisitive and multifaceted nature. I find immense joy in exploring and discussing topics such as sports, religion, and philosophy, which have broadened my intellectual horizons and granted me a unique perspective on life's complexities. I'm always eager to learn and share experiences! Feel free to reach out at

Arshyan Ahsan

I'm a Co-Founder and CGO at AlmaBetter. With a strong foundation in data science and business analysis, I have gained over 6 years of professional experience working with esteemed companies such as Blackbuck and Nestle. Throughout my career, I have been closely collaborating with strategy and operations teams, utilizing my skills to drive growth and make informed decisions. As a passionate data-driven professional, I have played a pivotal role in shaping AlmaBetter's vision and guiding its success. My analytical expertise and strategic mindset enable me to deliver impactful results in the dynamic field of technology and education.

Uma Sankar Reddy Chintha

With more than a decade of experience in teaching, training, and coaching both young students and adults, I have dedicated my career to education and the pursuit of lifelong learning.

As a graduate of Harvard University and a Teach For India alum, I possess a strong academic foundation and practical expertise in academic operations and technology-driven learning programs.

I firmly believe that the future of work will be profoundly influenced by Artificial Intelligence and automation. Embracing these advancements, I am excited to redefine learning experiences and unlock new possibilities for all learners at AlmaBetter Innovarsity.